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Spanish artist Pablo Avendano Pablo Avendano
ablo Avendano Artist Profile
Contemporary painter from Spain, Pablo Avendano

Figurative Australian artist, Leith O'Malley. Leith O'Malley
Figurative Australian artist, Leith O'Malley.
Figurative Australian artist, Leith O'Malley.

Hardcore expressionist painter working in Washington DC USA. Matt Sesow
Matt Sesow
Hardcore expressionist painter working in Washington DC USA.

Expressive figurative painter from Pakistan. Moin Shah
Moin Shah
Expressive figurative painter from Pakistan.

Contemporary figurative painter from Australia. Dion Archibald
Dion Archibald
Contemporary figurative painter from Australia.

abstract landscape painter from america Karen Jacobs
Karen Jacobs Artist Profile
Abstract painter from America, Karen Jacobs

Contemporary Italian painter, Alberto Sughi Alberto Sughi
Contemporary Italian painter, Alberto Sughi
Contemporary Italian painter, Alberto Sughi

canadian landscape artist David Ladmore
canadian landscape painter
Canadian landscape painter, David Ladmore

Only professional artists that are commited to making a career as an artist are added. fine artist portfolios

Each month a new artist will be added to the portfolios section of Only professional artists that are commited to making a career as an artist are added.
Each portfolio contains a selection of images, contact information, artist statement/ biography, and an artist interview.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings on display, please contact the artist directly.

See all Contemporary Fine Artists published by date on, or see the Australian Artists, American Artists, or UK Artists profiled.

fine artists online - alphabetical order fine artists a-z

++ Archibald, Dion - Contemporary Painter
++ Avendano, Pablo - Contemporary Artist
++ Carbajal, Lyle - Naive Artist
++ Chunn, Robert - Still Life Painter NEW
++ De Araujo, Fernando - Expressionist Painter
++ Diako - Abstract Artist
++ Dooney, Hazel - Contemporary Artist
++ Eaton, Belinda - Figurative Painter
++ Featherstone Hoff, Elizabeth - Contemporary Sculptor
++ Gardiner, Edwin - Expressionist Painter
++ Genn, Robert - Landscape Painter
++ Gingles, Bill- Abstract Artist
++ Hiary, Hilda - Abstract Artist
++ Jacobs, Karen - Abstract Painter
++ Jansen, Marcus - Urban Artist
++ Japaridze, Nick - Symbolic Realism
++ Keck, Michel Leah - The Raw Artist
++ Konoschuk, Olga - Expressionist Painter
++ Kostabi, Mark - Contemporary Artist
++ Kulenovic, Maya - Realist Painter
++ Ladmore, David - Landscape Painter
++ Laurence, Geoffrey - Realist Paintings
++ LeBon-Herb, Patricia - Contemporary Painter
++ Levin, Dana - Classical Realism
++ Magerl, Caroline - Figurative Painter
++ McCurry, Cyn - Neo-classical Artist
++ Moore, Kelly - Expressionist
++ Mount, Philip - Expressionist Paintings
++ O'Malley, Leith - Figurative Artist
++ Patrick, Emily - Impressionist Painter
++ Pooley, Vanessa - Figurative Sculptor
++ Pressman, Lisa - Contemporary Artist
++ Rabodzeenko, Andrei - Contemporary Painter
++ Reno, Jesse - Outsider Artist
++ Saka, Gizem - Contemporary Painter
++ Sesow, Matt - Self-Taught Painter

++ Shaffer, Gabriel - Visionary Artist
++ Shah, Moin - Expressionist Painter
++ Sughi, Alberto - Contemporary Painter
++ Threadgold, Mark - Contemporary Paintings
++ Wake, Chris - Quirky Painter
++ White, Anthony - Money Paintings
++ Zampedroni, Mario - Expressionist Painter

information for artists information for fine artists is currently not taking submissions from fine artists. At this stage we are only adding one artist per month.

Artists work (websites email attachments please) should still be sent for possible inclusion in the future. The only guidelines for having your profile added is that you are a professional fine artist and creating art fulltime.
Send an email with your name, country, very brief biography, and your website address.
replace (at) with @
info (at)








american artist Robert Chunn
american still life artist
NEW Contemporary American still life artist, Robert Chunn

american sculptor Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff
american sculptor
Contemporary American artist, Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff

contemporary new york artist Fernando De Araujo
Contemporary new york artist
Contemporary New York based painter, Fernando De Araujo

contemporary artist Geoffrey Laurence
Contemporary American realist artist
Contemporary American realist artist, Geoffrey Laurence

contemporary artist Hazel Dooney
contemporary australian artist
Australian based contemporary artist, Hazel Dooney

contemporary artist Caroline Magerl
figurative australian artist
Figurative painter and illustrator from Australia, Caroline Magerl

contemporary artist Andrei Rabodzeenko
american contemporary artist
American contempoary artist, Andrei Rabodzeenko

outsider artist Jesse Reno
american outsider art
American outsider artist, Jesse Reno

united kingdom artist Belinda Eaton
figurative uk painter
Figurative UK painter, Belinda Eaton

turkish artist gizem saka Gizem Saka
turkish artist gizem saka
Contemporary Turkish painter, Gizem Saka

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